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In 2001 with 30 years experience owning pet Bassets and finishing 2 champions, Crossroads Bassets was formed to focus our efforts on furthering our goals with our dogs. We expanded our family with additions to “The Pack” members and now our own breeding program to realize those qualities we believe produce sound,healthy and winning Bassets.

First and foremost, our focus is having fun with our Bassets, with time for love and play our first priority. Whether show dog or pet, our dogs are important members of our family and are treated as individuals with their own unique personalities.

We believe breeding is a serious undertaking that should be focused at maintaining the natural qualities and standard of the breed as defined by the AKC. Our vision is of sound, powerful moving dogs, level and straight in topline, with well-proportioned heads and large in bone. A refined look and playful temperament are qualities we also desire.

It is our responsibility to continually educate ourselves on the breed, and have an awareness level on major health issues that effect dogs today and in the future.

Crossroads Bassets ~ Our History

Phil on Basset Hound DriveFor over 30 years, Basset Hounds have been our “Breed of Choice” and a special part of our lives. Spending his early adult years on Cape Cod, Phil developed his love of Bassets, raising “Bridget and Beau” from pups, along with son Gregory.

Career moves and relocation to Southern California brought Phil and Karen together in the early ‘80’s joining families and acquiring their 1st Basset together. “Boofie” became an integral member of the family with antics that amused all whose life he touched. Known for his love of tomatoes, it was a “mad dash” each day to see who would get to the ripe veggies 1st, the Humans or the Hound. Boofie blessed us with his company for 12 years and rests today, over-looking his favorite Garden.

Unable to exist for long without a Basset in our lives, we took a turn towards show dogs, acquiring “Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues” from showing Breeders. Jake, a loyal companion, trained for Obedience, as Elwood won his Championship in Confirmation. True to their Blues Brothers names, both howl on cue to the Blues harmonica.

We are active members in the Basset Hound Club of America and The Basset Hound Club of Southern California and the Greater San Diego Basset Hound Club, serving on the board of the latter.

Crossroads Bassets ~ The Blues Theme

Inspired by Mr. Robert Johnson and Mr. Muddy Waters

Look closely at our Crossroads Bassets logo and you will see a lonesome Basset Hound, “Tell my friends all around … I’m headed to the Crossroads… I believe I’m sinking down… Dogs begin to bark … Hounds begin to howl….”

Legends of old and the modern contemporaries of this wonderful music will live on as AKC Champion Basset Hounds, beginning with our first Champion, Windblown Rope A Star- “Elwood Blues” of “The Blues Brothers” and Champion Symphony’s Maestro- “Muddy”, for Mr. Muddy Waters- “The Maestro of Blues”. We look to the future with a long list of champion hounds and Blues heroes.

A product of the cultural renaissance of the ‘60’s, Karen and Phil Spillane were exposed to and fell in love with Blues music. The acoustic performances at the Newport Folk Festival by the originators of the genre from the Delta, to the electric power house bands of Muddy Waters and later, Paul Butterfield out of Chicago, this is the music that inspires The Spillanes.

Crossroads Bassets – Breeding Program


Crossroads Bassets proudly present Bessie and the Heartbeats, whelped Oct.2, 2003. Sire: CH OL’ SOUTH STONEWALL SALVATORE, Dam: BARNYARD BESSIE AT CROSSROADS.

After much discussion and evaluation of our current success with Bessie and how we can best accomplish our long-term breeding program goals, Max and Pat Harder Bessie and Sammy’s co-owners were helpful in our decision making regarding the sire and preparation for the litter.

The litter theme, “Heartbeats” came about when we saw 4 heart beats on the ultrasound and it stuck!

Bessie was a real trooper whelping her litter of four males and 2 females weighing in at 12 to 15 oz. This was one of the most special experiences of life! We were coached and assisted by Kevin Whelan and Dr. Jennifer Bell.