The Daily Breeze
February 15, 2001

Torrance basset back from NY show

Muddy, owner savor experience

By Josh Grossberg

A Torrance basset hound came home from the Westminster Dog Show empty-pawed Wednesday, according to high-ranking insiders.

Muddy, the 3-year-old hound, entered the prestigious New York contest at the behest of his owner, Karen Spillane. The pair traveled to new York over the weekend to compete against a dozen other bassets.

Spillane said she had a wonderful time, despite losing the event.

“We saw the most gorgeous dogs and well behaved,” Spillane said. “There were the most loving I’ve seen in my life.”

Despite the breed’s reputation for being cuddly, Spillane denied that the dogs at the event were anything of the kind, at least not when they were being judged.

“Cute is a word I wouldn’t use,” she said. “They were there for a purpose.”

For his part, Muddy had a wonderful time, his spokeswoman said, although he developed a fondness for the company of small rodents.

“He sniffed and scooted everywhere,” Spillane said. “He discovered squirrels and he had to stop and bark at them. He was really intrigued with squirrels and how they climb trees.”

Muddy, who will be rejoining the dog circuit with trips in the coming weeks to San Diego and Arizona, hopes to try the Westminster Dog Show again next year.

“He had a marvelous time,” Spillane said. “he loved being there. If he ranks next year in the top 10 dogs, we’re going to go. That’s my goal. He’s got a bright future.”